Yellowstone is bigger than Mt. Saint Helens

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By: Clarissa Litterio

Yellowstone’s geysers are very large and are spread out through the park. They are all located above Yellowstone’s magma chamber. Yellowstone’s famous geyser, Old Faithful, is surrounded by many big and small geysers that are unnamed. Originally geysers are created through the groundwater from the rain, and the melted snow that has fallen through the cracks in the ground. Due to the magma chamber in the ground, the heat from the magma pushes steam upwards with incredible force which makes the geysers erupt during a certain time. Yellowstone itself has a few thermals and hot springs in the park along with some other things.

640,000 years ago Yellowstone National Park’s ¬†volcano erupted and it affected many organisms around the environment for many miles. They say that the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens was only a small eruption due to its magma chamber in comparison to Yellowstone. They say that Yellowstone’s magma chamber is 1,000 times larger ¬†than Mt. Saint Helens and that the eruption of Yellowstone will be massive. Scientist have been keeping a close eye on Yellowstone and have noticed that the park slowly rises and sinks a few centimeters every year. They have been recording the activity going on in the chamber and they say that Yellowstone has a hot spot. This hot spot is called Snake River Plain-Yellowstone hot spot. Scientist and researchers have said that if Yellowstone erupts it may endanger humanity. In the past there was a volcanic eruption that had endangered humanity and that was so much smaller than Yellowstone. This volcano was called Toba which erupted 74,000 years ago and nearly made humans extinct. So what will happen to humanity once Yellowstone blows up? Can we survive? And can we evade the suffering our humans will encounter when the biggest volcano erupts surpassing all of our previous eruptions? We will find out soon enough………

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