Ways to make money this summer!

I’m sure all of you want some new thing this summer. New bathing suit, goggles, towels, clothes, flip flops, all kinds of stuff! But to buy those things you need money, lots of it. Here are some ways to make easy money this summer!

1. Lemonade Stand: You can go to your local market and buy frozen lemonade or you can make your own! Get a small sized table as the stand and make sighs with colorful letters to attract the eyes of buyers. You can set up on the sidewalk in front of your house or in the park! Remember to ask your parents permission before you set up and make sure you have adult supervision at all times while selling your lemonade. With enough buyers, lemonade, and big colorful signs, you will make money in no time!

2. Walking dogs: You can start by making fliers of your business with your name, phone number, and price. Pass the fliers out around your neighborhood or go to your local coffee shop and hang them up on the public bulletinĀ board. Make sure to ask parents permission and have adult supervision at all times while passing out fliers and walking dogs. While walking dogs, bring a backpack filled with everything you might need like, extra leases, water bottle, doggie treats, cell phone, and extra fliers.

3. Garage Sale: Do you have a bunch of old toys and clothes just laying around your room? If so then its time for a garage sale! Gather up old clothes, books, toys, and any other old stuff you haven’t used in a long time. Make signs telling the date, time, and examples of some of the stuff you are selling. Put up signs around your neighborhood or at the end of your street. Before you start setting up get your parents permission. Find about 2 tables and some chairs then start making prices! Make sure you make your prices are cheap because you items have already been used. Lay out your items on the tables, make sure they are organized. Now its time to start your garage sale!

4. Yard work: Are you really hyper, who has a lot of energy to spare, well yard work will work great for you, being outside for about 2 hours and working hard for money you deserve! Make fliers telling about some of the yard word you do, your phone number, and how much you charge per hour. Ask your parents permission first before using clippers, a lawn mower, or any other dangerous yard tool. Make sure to bring a stopwatch so you know the amount of time you worked and how much you get payed for that time. In the end you will have money and a good workout!

I hope you all have fun making money then blowing it! I also hope this helps anyone looking for easy ways to make money this summer! Have fun!

By: Madeleine