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Maybe you aren’t taking that overseas trip you’ve always dreamed of.  There’s still a handful of events happening this summer that you can enjoy without ever leaving the Alamo City.

Inception-Though not much is known about Christopher Nolan’s mind bending sci-fi epic, Inception, it is sure to be the biggest movie of the summer. The director, who helmed the Dark Knight, promises the movie will provide the same thrills and chills his 2008 blockbuster monster did, as well as twists that won’t confuse audiences. The anticipation is high, with TV promos already showing two months before its release, and Oscar worthy talk already in the works. If you can only make it to one movie this summer, go see Inception.

i-Phone OS 4-Yes, the prototype was already revealed because of an apple worker who left it at a bar. But there is still much to be excited for. The new version promises multitasking, organization for apps via folders, more efficient ways to check email, compatibility with the majority of other apple devices, and many improvements over the previous versions. Even more new features are to be announced, but Apple freaks as well as searchers for new phones can unite this summer in anticipation for Steve Job’s newest product.

Vans Warped Tour 2010-If you’re tired of local radio statins playing the same songs every two hours, the Vans Warped Tour will settle your crave for new music. And there are plenty of bands and singers to choose from. The tour will feature a broad selection of musicians from rap, to alternative rock, to indie. The concert is set for July first at the AT&T center, so if you’re in the mood to help the organizations that will be there or just dance to new music with friends, the Warp Tour has got you covered.

Jersey Shore: Season 2-If all of your vacations come to a close, all of your school or SAT prep is done, and you aren’t scheduled to work near summer’s end, The Situation, Snookie, Pauly D, and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew got your back. But this time, in Miami, Florida. New comers can always catch up and watch the re-runs of the now infamous first season on MTV at 8 PM on Thursday nights, and tune in  July 29 for the new season. Though the gang is at a new location, viewers can expect even more drama to come than the previous season that made these guidos and guidettes famous.

Lady GaGa Concert Tour-She’s not for everyone, but Lady GaGa is one not to miss in concert. Indie tours at Lalapalooza and Warped Tour are set to excite and allow crowds who are looking for new music, but for those who wish to stick with a familiar and comfortable pop star, Lady GaGa will definitely surprise her little monsters. Though she’s not coming to San Antonio until the Summer of 2011, fans can find her in Dallas at the American Airlines Center from July 22 – 23, and in Houston from July 25 – July 26 at the Toyota Center. Tickets have sold out, but radio stations and contests are sure to provide chances to win some more.

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