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Incoming freshman will be required to take a new course due to a districtwide decision. The “Healthy Lifestyles” class will blend fundamentals of PE and Health.

“[It’s] combining foundations of health class into one course,” Assistant Director of Physical Education Rachel Naylor said. “It’s a hybrid course that is curriculum based and classroom based.”

Lessons will be covered both in the classroom and the gym.

“You’re in the classroom learning a concept and then you put the concept you learned into actual activity.”

She believes that the new class will be beneficial to high school students.

“Kids will benefit tremendously. It’s helping students to learn important concepts to carry them through life and make healthy lifestyle decisions,” she said. “It will prepare students to build their own physical and nutritious plans so they have the skill, knowledge, and capability to take care of themselves.”

Students will also evaluate decisions they make and discuss ways to improve their lives.

“It will prepare students physically and [put them] in healthy mental states and to prepare kids to be 360 degree kids. They’ll learn how to use every part of their body, including the brain,” she said.

Students will also consider their health risks and change their poor habits before they become lifelong routines. They will also explore career opportunities and learn some financial responsibility.

“The goal is to prepare students for life rather than just academics,” Naylor said. “It’s not just covering PE and health. It’s teaching you how to emotionally take care of yourself.”

Though the district is cutting back on jobs, this new course was not created to save teachers’ positions. The proposal was introduced even before new district policies.

“[It was] many months before reduction forces,” Naylor said.

Many of the teachers who will teach “Healthy Lifestyles” are coaches, because most of them are certified to teach both PE and Health.

“Some coaches may lose their positions regardless. The course had nothing to do with it.”

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