by Melissa Smith

Sports Writer

The Johnson volleyball team held their annual “Dig for the Cure” game Tuesday, Aug. 31. The event brought in money for the Susan G. Komen Cancer Research Center.

The girls played Boerne, and won 2 out of 3 of their games.

Their goal was to raise $10,000, and also to “pink out” the stands. Money was raised by either flat donations, or a certain amount of money per dig.

“The girls need to play excellent defense so we can raise more money,” varsity volleyball Coach Blakeman said.

The stands were indeed “pinked out” with many students in the stands, cheering for the team. There was also pink posters all around the gym.

Last year they raised $6,000. You could have also purchase “Dig for the Cure” t-shirts for $10. The volleyball team will find out how much money they raised within the next two weeks.

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    Melissa…good article. Now follow up…did you find out how much they raised?
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