by Travis Haese

Staff Writer

SAT test dates are just around the corner and many students are starting to prepare.  Some students are taking classes or buying preparation books to improve their chances of receiving good scores.

“Just study a whole bunch,” senior Sean Johnson said. “There is also some online courses that are free that can help you study for the test.”

Due to the enormous vocabulary list on the SAT, students will have to do much more than just study prep books.

“Seniors should prepare for the SAT by studying the most commonly used words on the SAT. There’s lots of lists that they can look at so studying vocabulary and using released copies of the test will help.” English 4 teacher Megan Stokes said.

The SAT can be intimidating, but a lot of studying can help secure a positive outcome.

“You get what you put into the test,” Johnson said. “So if you don’t study, you’re not going to do good, but if you study, you are going to succeed.”

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