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season two of Glee

The cast of Fox's hit show, Glee.

The heroic band of misfits is back on the air with the return of FOX’s hit show, Glee. The Emmy nominated variety returns for an epic second season.

The show follows spanish teacher Will Schuester, whose ambitions and dreams for Broadway lead him to revive a small, middle American high school’s glee club. Schuester brings together a motley group of students to produce The New Directions, topping it off with an incredibly unique sound.

“I watch Glee because I think it is a really cool concept and it’s exciting to watch. The jokes are really funny, too,” junior Keely Moore said.

Back from a record-setting number of Emmy nomination in its first season Glee delivers surprising twists, turns, and jokes amongst a gripping plot as well as new songs and special guests.

“I know there’s going to be a Britney Spears episode. I think they are talking about more Madonna, and Lady Gaga,” Moore said.

FOX Broadcasting Company assures that  the celebrities Britney Spears, John Stamos, and Cheyenne Jackson will be making appearances on the show this season. Even busy students find time to tune in.

“I try and watch it every time it comes on, but sometimes I have school stuff which is sad,” Moore said.

Glee is scheduled to air its second season on Tuesday, September 21 at 7 central time.

“I’m super excited; I hope it’s great! Wait, I’m sure it will be great. It hasn’t disappointed so far,” Moore said.

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4 Responses

  1. Amy Allen

    The Pride website is awesome! I especially enjoyed this article about Glee! Its one of my favorite T.V. shows and I love to watch it with my daughter! Nice article!

  2. Emory

    Glee is the best! Sometimes a little risque but I thought they handled Rocky Horror Picture Show classily. 🙂

  3. Jessica

    I love Glee! I loved the Christmas episode. I can’t wait for it to come back on, hurry up please! 🙂 I really think they should do a Queen episode, and they should also cast Lucas Grabeel because he is really talented

  4. Justin

    I’m not really a fan of Glee at all but i saw one episode and it wasn’t actually terrible, you know considering it kind of a chick flick it was actually pretty entertaining.


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