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The Johnson volleyball team made school history this Tuesday, clinching a playoff spot with a win against the Churchill Chargers. This will be Johnson Volleyball’s first trip to the playoffs, and the team is practicing hard to give a fantastic showing.

“We are stepping up our practices, and also mentally preparing for the playoffs,” varsity coach Nicole Blakeman said.

The Lady Jaguars play the Chargers again tonight, and look to secure a decent playoff spot against Churchill.

“After that, the playoffs start next week,” Coach Blakeman said.

The Johnson volleyball team is excited to make the playoffs, particularly for having taken Johnson to historic new heights in the process.

“It feels awesome to make playoffs,” Blakeman added.

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Jonathan Petrutsas is a junior at Johnson High School. He has gone to Johnson all 3 years the school's been open. He loves sports and plays them every chance he can but does not play any sports for Johnson. Jonathan hopes to become an assistant manager/manager for the Houston Astros baseball team or would like to be affiliated with an MLB organization.

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