by Victoria Vogler | Staff Writer

Facebook introduced a new redesign yesterday, with many new features that allow users to see more information without having to make a big effort. Although the changes have made the site a bit easier to use, some concerns have surfaced. The new features make personal information considerably easier to access, even with the privacy features set.

“I think it’s kinda bad because it shows so much more of your [information]. I’m afraid people are gonna come stalk me,” sophomore Alex Bond said.

The new design makes it simpler for users to keep up with their friends’ lives, and there are new options for interests like sports, people, and more. It also makes the site easier to navigate.

“You don’t have to scroll through all their stuff and everything, so it’s easier to look at, yeah, but it isn’t too much different,” Bond said.

On your profile page, your recently tagged pictures will appear on the top, under your basic information. You can also view pictures of your family and the friends you interact with most.

“[The new version] shows too much information that people don’t really need to know,” freshman Zach Harwell said.

Bond, concerned about losing his privacy, is unsure whether he will upgrade.

“I’m probably gonna leave [the old version] up, but if I do change it, it will be so I can see what it’s like,” he said.

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Victoria Vogler is currently a Senior at Johnson and is the Assignments editor for The Pride. She possesses many of the musical talents of the lovely Taylor Swift, and is a wizard at both Photoshop and the lost art of widget making. She is a Social Officer on the Legacies Dance team, and wants to pursue a career in dance and/or journalism. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, writing, eating, and obsessing over the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

2 Responses

  1. Megan

    After ‘upgrading’ to the new profile you can’t downgrade to the old one. I wanted to see if I could change back to the old one if I decided to switch to the new profile and so I searched the help docs and found that you can’t change back to the old profile after upgrading.
    So if you have friends with the new profile look at that first to see if that’s what you like and if you don’t like it wait as long as possible to upgrade.
    Kinda wish Facebook would listen to the users and let us downgrade if we wished. You don’t get anywhere by just plowing ahead without considering your users.


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