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As students prepare for a week of finals, concerns arouse about the hour and a half lunches scheduled to occur. Some students were excited about having the extra 40 minutes of lunch, but administration was concerned with students becoming bored, in the lengthy amount of time.

“I think the hour and a half is just too much time. People get bored when they have that much free time. Not that I think there’ll be big major problems, I just think people won’t like it. I mean, how do you entertain yourself for an hour and a half?” Mitch Brown said.

The schedule has been changed to keep lunches shorter. Instead of the hour and a half lunch, students will go to a study hall for 55 minutes, and will then be released to a 35 minute lunch.

“We talked about the fact that we didn’t think the hour and a half is a good amount of time for people to have. Just trying to kind of manage, I mean think about it. Everybody gets bored, we still have 15 more minutes of this lunch, and people are bored now. So it just wasn’t a good use of time,” Brown said, as he gestured to 5th period lunch.

In the study hall, students will be given time to, well, study. They will also go over behavior and expectations.

“They’ll go over the behavior expectations again. Just as a reminder for everyone and what were supposed to be doing, and we thought now was just a good time to do it,” Brown said.

Students will find out which classroom to go to by Monday, at the latest.

“The sooner the better. I’m hoping Monday. Because Tuesday is the first exam. It has to be up by Monday morning,” Brown said.

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