by Kelsey Eidson | Staff Writer

Johnson’s theater productions is yet again hitting us with another play loved by many: Grease. This production is due to show on February 3 thru February 6. Until then, the actors, singers and dancers will work to perfect this fun and famous musical.

“We start practice doing really crazy warm ups,” sophomore Shelby Anderson said. “We have to jump around and do a lot of weird stuff, but it’s fun.”

Anderson is in the chorus sections of the play is has the role of a cheerleader. She is also a part of Johnson’s dance team, helping her with some of the skills of a cheerleader.

“Being part of the dance team here really helps me because I can’t really sing,” Anderson said. “The dancing really helps me get it.”

Musicals hold many more components then just any old Shakespeare production. These performers must be able to master three important aspects; acting, dancing, and singing.

“I used to be in choir,” junior Evan Hansen said. “That helps a lot with the singing in the chorus parts and my solos.”

Being part of such a well known play makes for a hopeful turnout from the audience.

“The music and songs are really good so they are definitely something to look forward to,” Hansen said.

Still a work in progress, even the actors are uncertain of Grease’s outcome, but with the resources they possess, the outcome is promising.

“The staging is gonna be cool and so is the choreography,” Hansen said. “Well, basically everything will be. The whole play is going to be awesome and something for everyone to look forward to.”

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Kelsey Eidson is a sophomore staff writer for Johnson's newspaper, The Pride. This is her second year working in the journalism department but her first year in the newspaper staff. She is also a baton twirler at her school and spends most of her time with color guard.

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