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During the month of February, store fronts, ads, and commercials are pink and red, and love is the topic on everyone’s mind. As

Already wilting flowers featured at

for all those singles, and of course, the newly single, Valentine’s day is looked upon with scorn. And what better way to express those pent up feelings to the people you TRULY care about than sending them flowers from the Dead Flower Society? You heard me correctly. Sending dead flowers seems to be the new big thing. Google search “send dead flowers” and hundreds of articles and websites come up. The Dead Flower Society is out of Abilene, and you can send an assortment of dead, pathetic gifts to show how you feel. The top selling include wilted roses, a box of dead rose buds, and a teddy bear with the stuffing ripped out. Other websites will send dead, smelly fish, rose stems, and even cow patties (for that very special someone). The possible revenge options are endless, as long as you are willing to cough up some cash.

There are several options to look at when shopping for your flower bundles, and the best websites include The Dead Flower Society, and DeadFlowers.Us. They all offer the usual dead flower bouquet, but each have they’re own personal spin on things; teddy bears, dead fish, whatever you want. Best part is, they do it all for you. No need to worry about the mess of sending rotting flowers to your special someone.

Here at Johnson, Mitch Brown talks about the policy for flowers and balloons on the big day.

“[It’s the] same as it would be for birthdays. You can’t pick them up after school. We hold them down in a little supply closet, and you can get them after school lets out. Except for, and this might sound contradictory, but I know that [BOD] is selling carnations;  those can be delivered during the day, because the proceeds are being taken and given to a charity, so those we’re allowing to have,” Brown said.

So whether you enjoy the holiday, and love sending (and receiving) flowers and cards to all your friends and loved ones, or you’re one of those that might be visiting the Dead Flower Society website in the next couple days, the possibilities for this holiday are there, whatever your heart desires.

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Victoria Vogler is currently a Senior at Johnson and is the Assignments editor for The Pride. She possesses many of the musical talents of the lovely Taylor Swift, and is a wizard at both Photoshop and the lost art of widget making. She is a Social Officer on the Legacies Dance team, and wants to pursue a career in dance and/or journalism. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, writing, eating, and obsessing over the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

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