by Melissa Smith | Staff Writer

It’s the last weekend for the Rodeo, a San Antonio tradition that brings out everyone’s true country side. The carnival, with its crazy rides and games is sure be a treat on Friday when everything is just a dollar, so don’t miss out. There’s also nothing quite as interesting as striking up a conversation with some weird carny either. The all star line-up will definitely bring in some large crowds too, and it’s not too late to buy tickets.

On Friday at 7:30 pm  there will be Martina McBride, who has had some huge hits over the years that are both uplifting and touching, like “Independence Day” and “Concrete Angel”. She has won numerous awards at the CMA’s and was even nominated in this years Grammys, showing her true recognizable talent.

Saturday at 1 pm, there will be one of the state’s favorites, the Eli Young Band. Very popular around here, it will sure have a large crowd with devoted fans. They are known to put on a great show that has loads of enthusiasm and energy, drawing the crowd in for a good time.

Later on the Saturday night at 7:30, Josh Turner will end the Rodeo with a bang. Girls will be gawking over his handsome features and charming personality, and not to mention his strong and powerful voice. He’s just an all around dreamboat. Turner is also a Grammy nominated star and has famous songs like “Why Don’t We just Dance”, and “All Over Me”.

Before every show there is, of course, there is the actual Rodeo. There’s nothing quite like watching cowboys saddle up and rope some cows, and then riding for their lives on extreme bulls. Yes, the place does smell like cow poop, but that just makes the experience even better. So why don’t ya’ll put on some jeans, strap on some boots and head down to the Rodeo this weekend for a fun rootin’ tootin time, you won’t regret it.

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Melissa Smith is a sad excuse for a senior and is the Co- Editor in Chief of The Pride Online. Smith had been on the publications staff for four years. Smith drives a blue Toyota Tacoma which has been known to be a breeding ground for rare bacteria that ferments in dirty clothes and old food. Smith is a free spirit who doesn't believe in marriage or bras.

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  1. Emily

    Dear Melissa,
    You actually put rootin-tootin in this. I’m so proud. (:
    Love, Emily


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