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The winterguard has begun it’s season and already is spreading it’s name. At their last competition at Vista Ridge High School in Austin, Texas, the guard came home with 1st place in it’s division. Their next competition is Saturday, February 19th at the WGI [Southwestern] Regional at Dekaney High School in Houston, Tx. Performing their first time that day at 2:23pm (2nd to last in Scholastic A), the performers are already creating buzz about asuccessful season, now going full steam in motion.

“Vista Ridge was an easy competition where we knew we were going to get first and this one is hard and we don’t know the outcome. We’re hoping it’s not like last year and that we don’t screw up,” senior Lauren Bossaller said.

Bossaller is currently co-captain and has been in the winterguard program since when the school opened it’s doors. She’s been apart of the team’s sudden rise

and understands the huge division jump in the near future.

“Scholastic A is technically a lower class but theres more people competing and Open Class is a higher class with less people competing and they’re judged differently. Currently, we are in both. We’re in Open Class for Texas but Scholastic A for the country,” Bossaller said.

This year, the show, entitled, In The Lobby, has over 6 feet tall props that create the setting of a lobby. These include 3 elevator doors that are manually opened and an actual revolving door. Add this, plus the mat, weapons, flags, briefcases, and lunchtime foods and this creates the dilemma of going over the time limit. Even with only 8 minutes, the guard is prepared to avoid that penalty and stay under time.

“Well manage, we just have to be on the top of our game and know how to set up really fast and get everything ready and not stand around.”

If the guard gets a penalty, the chance at Open Class is lost. But with a one and a half hour of just rehearsing with the props, the guard is more than ready.

“Last year we thought we were prepared but totally bombed it so I think we’re ready this year….there shouldn’t be any groups that’ll beat us. We should be top of our game, all the way.”

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Madeline Kempf is a junior at Johnson High School. This is her second year as a staff writer for The Pride. She spends her social life spinning with the CTJ Colorguard and Winterguard, and smiles way too much. She's always got a cross on her necklace and should probably be doing the next APUSH chapter review.

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