By Victoria Vogler | Staff Writer

With competition season in full swing, the Johnson dance program is busier than ever. This weekend is the second of three competitions, and the girls are going above and beyond to improve their scores.

“We’re practicing a lot harder [this time], because we know what we did wrong, and we want to fix our mistakes,” senior Legacy Dani Crowley said.

But this time around, the girls nerves are under wraps. HTE will be “easier competition for us,” according to Crowley, and the team isn’t as worried about their second competition.

“I’m a lot less nervous. HTE is a more chill competition, just because we have haven’t been so involved with them, we kinda just backed off a little bit,” Crowley said. “It’s our second competition so we know what’s going on [this time around].”

The two teams have one common goal this competition- beside placing higher, of course.

“I’m just expecting our critiques to be better, and our precision and technique to improve,” Crowley said.

The differences between SMA and HTE are substantial, and the girls believe that this will affect their overall performance.

“SMA was at a big gym, so it could fit a lot more people in, and I think it was higher-tension because it was our first competition, and everybody was so nervous,” sophomore Leah Alonzo said. “But now that this is our second competition, I think it will be a lot better.”

The teams will perform at Leander High School in Austin, and will push themselves to continue to rise above the rest.

“I want for us to get higher ratings from the judges, just to beat last competitions scores. We want to outdo ourselves,” Alonzo said.

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Victoria Vogler is currently a Senior at Johnson and is the Assignments editor for The Pride. She possesses many of the musical talents of the lovely Taylor Swift, and is a wizard at both Photoshop and the lost art of widget making. She is a Social Officer on the Legacies Dance team, and wants to pursue a career in dance and/or journalism. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, writing, eating, and obsessing over the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

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