By Jordan Joyce | Staff Writer
Johnson art students have been preparing for months, and now the suspense can come to an end. Thirteen students have been acknowledged for their artwork and are moving on to the state VASE competition.
“NEISD had 53 state qualifiers, North Side had 20, St. Mary’s Hall had 6, Kerrville had 4, Boerne had 3, Bandera had 2, and Lakey had 1. We crushed the competition. I am the teacher with the second highest number of qualifiers, with 12,” art teacher Lisa Mittler said.
Although it was an obvious win, Johnson students were still shocked by the outcome.
“I was really surprised, actually. I had seen the artwork that was laid out in the gallery beforehand, and I thought a whole bunch was a lot better than mine,” sophomore Nathan Morris said.
Months of hard work and dedication went into preparing for this monumental event.
“I prepared for about three months for this, I was pretty ecstatic when I found out,” junior Bryana Lechuga said.
For some people, art is just a hobby, but for others, it is life.
“I’ve been in art classes since kindergarden, so I’ve always loved drawing,” Lechuga said. “Art is what I’m going to do when I grow up; design and stuff.”
Love for art develops at a young age, and can stay with a person for their whole life.
“It started when I was really young. I was better at art, better at spacial reasoning, than most of my classmates. They were all drawing stick figures, while the stuff I drew had actual form. I guess from there I just fell in love,” Morris said.
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