by Kelsey Eidson | Staff Writer

The Johnson theatre  department is preparing for its “One Act” UIL competition play, “Night Must Fall”, and will give the first performance on Saturday, March 26.

“’Night Must Fall’ is a thriller; it is about a murderer that comes and lives in this little house in rural England where nobody knows he’s a murderer,” sophomore Madi Cooper said.

Cooper plays one of the lead roles, Olivia, who starts to discover the truth behind the newcomer.

“My character starts to suspect him, but she starts falling in love with him, despite [the fact that] he’s a murder,” Cooper said.

To follow competition guidelines, the theatre team had to cut the length of the original play to 40 minutes.

“We only have a month of practice for this, whereas we had three months for ‘Grease’,” Cooper said.

With time constraints in mind, the team pushes on with rehearsal.

“We have practice everyday until 7,” Cooper said. “We are all really excited to get it on the stage and showcase what we have.”

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Kelsey Eidson is a sophomore staff writer for Johnson's newspaper, The Pride. This is her second year working in the journalism department but her first year in the newspaper staff. She is also a baton twirler at her school and spends most of her time with color guard.

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