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It’s the weekend before the first weekend of spring break, and movies are finally starting to get exciting and actually good again! Though there aren’t any blockbusters coming out this weekend (those are being saved for spring break weekend), there are at least a couple that will satisfy frequent movie-goers or young audiences just looking for a brief escape from the stress of school before the week long break arrives.

For girls looking for a silly romantic story they can turn their minds off to, there’s Beastly, a supposedly modern version of Beauty and the Beast that stars I Am Number Four’s Alex Pettyfer and High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens. Then for those looking for a cute and adventurous animated tale and just can’t wait till the next Pixar or Dreamwork’s movie comes out, there’s Rango, a story of a chameleon (voiced by the always loveable and versatile Johnny Depp) with an identity crisis. If you’re over 17 and looking for a goofy and careless comedic ride, there’s Take Me Home Tonight.

The big movie to see this weekend though is The Adjustment Bureau, a mysterious sci-fi forbidden love story starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. They seem like they would make an odd couple, but from early reviews there’s great chemistry between them and direction from George Nolfi (screenwriter of Bourne Ultimatum) makes it the most thrilling movie of the weekend. It may not be the most original film coming out, with the trailers and ads making it look like a mixture of Inception’s action and The Matrix’s romance, but nonetheless will surely provide the cinematic escape anyone is looking for this weekend.  For confirmation on whether or not The Adjustment Bureau meets the hype as well as if Beastly is as cheesy as it looks, check back in on Friday for a full review.

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