by Jordan Joyce | Staff Writer

Bass drums line up from largest to smallest

Following a tradition of getting ahead of the game, the Johnson drumline is already beginning the audition process.

“Drumline is going to be interesting this year. We are adding different people, so it will be interesting to see how it goes,” junior Evan Hansen said.

Veterans are used to changes in the line, but freshmen are in for a new experience.

“Auditions are pretty interesting. It’s cool seeing some new faces,” freshman Max Fang said.

A new year brings new students and new authority.

“I’m very excited to not be a freshman anymore,” Fang said.

There are high hopes that new talent will bring more opportunities to the drumline.

“Hopefully we get a lot better than last year. We’ve already made so much progress from the first year, we can only get better,” Hansen said.

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Jordan is a sophomore here at Johnson High School. She is a member of the drumline, bass line to be exact. She has an unhealthy obsession with Florence + The Machine and enjoys thrift store shopping.

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