By Felicia DeInnocentiis and Jordan Joyce | Staff Writers

Over the Spring Break weekend, the Johnson Legacies Dance Team went on to a nationwide competition held in Florida and returned victorious with a fourth place finish.

“We got fourth place nationwide, which is really good,” junior Lexi Vela said.

The Legacies cherish this award for the mark of improvement that it has come to represent.

“Last year was our first time we went to nationals, and I think they got fifth place in “Kick.”  We did so much better, we got 9’s all across the [score]board the entire time,” Vela said.

Vela foresees that the dance team will continue to exceed their standards the next time around.

“Last year we did good, but this year we really improved a lot more and next year we’re gonna try to be even better.”

This past weekend the Latin Club went to Houston to the Texas Junior Classical League, or TSJCL.

“There are various academic competitions. There is Greek history, derivatives, and generic vocabulary. There are various types of singing and speaking,” sophomore Garrison Neal said.

Only a select few went came to compete, but the end result was a team effort.

“Individually, I didn’t do too great, but the team as a whole did pretty good,” Neal said.

This competition allows students a chance to receive awards while participating in events that aren’t normal for other school organizations. To take their studies to the next level, additional events exist at the national level.

“Nationals is during the summer,” Neal said. “Hopefully we get a chance to place there.”

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