by Melissa Smith|Staff Writer

When you think of prom dates, one of the first things that comes to mind is how cute they’re going to be; all matchy-matchy. You know: he wears a tie that is the color of her dress, super cute. But is matching a bit too much?

“No, it’s spectacular!” exclaimed senior Sarah Eaton. “Because then everyone knows y’all are together.”

Apparently, the alternative is even chintzier.

“It’s tacky when you DON’T match your date to prom!” junior Jessica Johnson said.

The practice retains its skeptics. Some just flat-out don’t care, and can’t see what the big deal is.

“I’m not matching,” junior Jimmy Colborn said. “My date is wearing yellow.”

By the majority opinion, however, most agree that prom dates were simply meant to match.

“No, [it’s not tacky] at all. Me and my date are matching perfectly,” senior Avery Holley said.

In fact, many will take their love for matching articles to new heights.

“It’s so not tacky!” sophomore Courtney Scogin said. “I’m having my date, Garrett, wear a pink tux just like my dress; and even putting sequins on it to match even more.”

She’s confident in the impact of the couple’s daring move.

“We’re going to be hot, yeah,” Scogin declared.

Even she may be outdone in the game of going to extremes. Sophomore Jared Edge takes matching styles one step further.

“Isn’t that what everyone does? Its not tacky, because I’m planning on wearing a purple dress just like my date,” sophomore Jared Edge said.

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Melissa Smith is a sad excuse for a senior and is the Co- Editor in Chief of The Pride Online. Smith had been on the publications staff for four years. Smith drives a blue Toyota Tacoma which has been known to be a breeding ground for rare bacteria that ferments in dirty clothes and old food. Smith is a free spirit who doesn't believe in marriage or bras.

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