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This Thursday, April 21, Model UN is sponsoring a dodgeball tournament as a fundraiser to help pay for the costs of competing in Model UN conferences all around the state and country. For the Johnson community, it is a fun way to support the Johnson Model UN program.

“[Board of Directors] is doing it to support our fellow students in Model UN. Student Council helps support all organizations. I’m also really physched about the tournament and making of the uniforms is always fun too,” senior Sarah Jane Barton said.

Students who are interested in playing should register in room A349.

“You can have up to 5 players per team, and we’re hoping to have thirty-two teams participate. It’s $25 per team, and we would like to bring in about $800,” Model UN sponsor Tim Green said

If you aren’t the most dodgeball savvy – as in you’re not great at avoiding contact with a rocket-fast ball or sprinting, you can still participate in the costume competition.

“In addition to the dodgeball tournament, there is also a coustume contest where Model UN students vote on who should win the prize. So, that can go for all the un-athletic types,” Green said.

The winning teams will receive prizes such as gift cards to restaurants.

“[The prizes] are fabulous. They’re going to be great,” Green said.

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