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This year, Johnson has three outstanding athletes who will represent the school at the state track meet. These athletes are above average in their speed and ability, and are in the top 8 in their events in the entire state of Texas. The participants are  juniors Carnae Dillard for the triple jump, Jacob Lady-Schreiber in the 100 meter dash, and Emma Love for the mile. The coaches are especially proud of these track stars.

“[To prepare] for the meet, we’ve kept doing what we’ve been doing all year; you know, working hard. The kids are excited, so they are happy to work out,” track coach Jennifer Jones said. “This is my first year coaching track, and it’s been awesome. The kids are greatly talented and they’ve made this an amazing year for me.”

She is confident that the athletes are well prepared for the meet.

“[Their chances are] excellent; they have a good chance. Just being there, they’re being in the 8 best [in the state]. They have a good chance and should bring home some good hardware,” Jones said.

The athletes face some pressure to give a good performance.

“Yes, [I’m nervous]. I’ve never been to state before. [It was a long process]; I just wanted to get to state and getting there was the most work. Hopefully the time I get at state is good enough because there’s going to be a lot of fast runners there,”  Love said.

Love is taking a more laid back approach in preparation for the meet.

“I had already done all the training I could do, and the meet is just a week away. I’ve done all I can, all there is now is a lot of rest and lots and lots of water.”

She is thankful for how far she has come this year.

“God has been my big inspiration; he’s given me the determination and ability to get where I am today.”

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