by Melissa Smith | Staff Writer

The Johnson administration is taking as many precautions as possible to ensure that there won’t be any disruptions. They strive to make graduation a classy, sophisticated, and serious event.

Senior Sarah Eaton believes that despite some intimidation from the administration, some seniors are still going to disregard the threats.

“They talk to us forever, and it kind of shows us how serious they are about it,” Eaton said. “But I think people are still going to try stuff, like seriously.”

Other students, like senior Kelsey Clark, are willing to listen to the administration.

“I respect our faculty and administrators too much to try anything, and I think the rest of the class does too, and I would not want to put anyone’s job in jeopardy because of a stupid prank.”

The reason the APs desire a serious event is because it is how it should be.

“Graduation is a very dignified event, and is meant to be a dignified event,” teacher Megan Stokes said.

Hundreds and maybe thousands of people will see it, so the school must be represented well.

“It is the importance of the event, it is a dignified event, members and many important people are going to see it because it will be broadcast. I mean, what if a soldier from overseas is watching their child walk across the stage, it should be a nice ceremony,” Stokes said.

They are not trying to scare them, but simply attempting to help them understand.

“We are reminding them of what kind of event we plan on having.”

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About The Author

Melissa Smith is a sad excuse for a senior and is the Co- Editor in Chief of The Pride Online. Smith had been on the publications staff for four years. Smith drives a blue Toyota Tacoma which has been known to be a breeding ground for rare bacteria that ferments in dirty clothes and old food. Smith is a free spirit who doesn't believe in marriage or bras.

2 Responses

  1. Danuel Gonzalez

    I believe that seniors should have the right to do whatever they want.
    It’s pretty much a tradition for seniors to pull pranks. It’s the seniors’ day. If they want to pull a prank and have fun during their last year of Johnson, then let them do so.
    Seniors are mature enough to make their own decisions, and I’m pretty sure they’re smart enough not to put anyones job in jeopardy, or to hurt anyone.

  2. Melissa B

    I think some senior pranks should be okay if they are not hurting anyone, and they are harmless. The seniors just wanna do something fun to end there last year in high school.


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