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Recent budget cuts have meant the loss of the LVN in the campus clinic, despite an increase in student population.

“It’s been very, very busy with there being only one nurse,” nurse Karen East said.

“We won’t have permission to hire another LVN until we reach 2600 students,” East added.

More clinical aids are required in the office, due to the inevitable workload increase. There is more paperwork than ever, which makes getting it done and tending to the students difficult.

“Help in the office would be very beneficial for getting caught up, and to help with emergencies; as well as more time with the children in general,”  assistant nurse Allyson Bakel said.

The student clinic aid shares Bakel’s sentiment.

“We currently have two student aids every class period in the office, but we may need some extra help for when students come in all at once,” nurse aid Anthony Villanueva said.

To prevent an overload in the office, the trainers are open to the idea of helpers from the student population; particularly the trainers.

“Not a lot of people know to come here, but we don’t mind helping out with minor injuries to non-athletic students,” trainer Joscilynn Stachowiak noted.


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