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Haunted houses that are striving to scare everyone with their creepy tactics and extravagant set ups are nothing compared to the real hauntings here in San Antonio.

According to legend, in the 1930’s there was a school bus that made it’s route over the railroad every day to pick up and drop off children. While the bus was driving uphill, it suddenly stalled right over the tracks. Rather than going to look for help, the driver told the children to get off the bus and  push it over the tracks. Suddenly, with the train moving at an increasing speed, it crashed into the bus killing all of the young passengers.

Visiting the tracks has become a popular San Antonio Halloween tradition, but is also visited on a daily basis throughout the seasons. The main point of going here is to experience the  strange phenomenon that occurs.  If you park your vehicle fifty yards away from the track, place it in neutral and turn off the engine, your vehicle will supposedly roll over them. It is said that it is the spirits of the children who died in the tragic bus accident pushing the car away from the train so that all passengers don’t experience the same fate they did. Legend has it if you put powder on the back of your vehicle, you can see the hand prints of the children as they push your vehicle.

“I went with friends, and I don’t think it’s real. You’re downhill, so that’s what moves you and the powder just picks up fingerprints that were already on your car,” junior Russell Dittz said.

Roads near the railroad tracks are named after the children who died in the accident, for example Shane Road. This is where the tracks are located. Other streets near by include Cindy Sue, Bobbi Allen, Richey Otis, Laura Lee Way, and Nancy Carole. Overall, it will be a great experience to visit this historical haunted site on hallows eve with friends as well as family. It will give you the chance to partake in a real paranormal experience.


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Lauren is a Sophomore at Johnson HS.

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  1. Aldo S.

    The terrain is downhill even though from the point of view you have it appears to be relatively level, still a fun experience none the less


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