The cold, winter weather brings creativity to a new level as Johnson fine arts showcase their talents.

By Lauren Towart | Staff Writer

The winter season is considered to be the most magical time of year, and Johnson music department is putting on some truly spectacular shows to add to all of the laughter and cheer.

Orchestra, the first to perform, is having their winter concert in the auditorium on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 7 pm. The show is free, and the entire Johnson community is welcome to attend. Choir is expected to be singing along to two songs as well, enhanced by orchestra’s instrumental accompaniment.

But that’s not the only performance choir has in store. The following week, Tuesday, Dec. 12, finds them in the auditorium as well; again, at 7 pm. The show choir has prepared choreographed dance routines, and the soloists that made it through the auditions are singing in between the performances of all choirs.

“The music is coming along great,” junior Todd Kveton said of ongoing rehearsals.

Marching season may be over, but the band has yet to call it quits. Band’s annual spaghetti dinner will be held on Dec. 8. starting at 5:30 pm and the following performance is expected to last until around 9 pm. All band members are currently selling tickets to parents, students, and anyone in the Johnson community willing to support the band program.


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