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As the holidays draw closer and closer, the couch becomes more and more like a second home. When you’re snowed in (ha, well, not in Texas), and looking for better means of entertainment than listening to your grandmother talk about how your ancestors got to the United States, holiday movies are there to pull you out of your proverbial rut and get you back on your feet. Take a gander at my personal favorites, and you’ll have sugar plums dancing in your head in no time.

Nothing that can warm you up this chilly winter like watching your favorite holiday movies.

Elf- Starring my personal favorite ‘funny-man’ Will Ferrell, Elf has always held holiday movies up to a new standard. Every year when Elf starts playing constantly on USA and TBS, I know the holidays are here. That and my newfound desire to quote Elf in as many conversations as possible, are sure tell signs that it’s time to break out the granny sweaters and cozy up with a mug of cocoa. If you haven’t been thoroughly consumed with Elf-lore like I have, the story consists of Buddy the Elf (Ferrell) traveling to New York City to find his genetic father after finding out that he is, in fact, a human, not an elf. Also starring Zooey Deschanel as Buddy’s love interest Jovie, and Ed Asner as Santa Claus, Elf is sure to please. Even the third time in a row.

Christmas Vacation- Ah, finally. A family as dysfunctional as my own. National Lampoon is at it again, this time with a holiday twist. Christmas Vacation is played, at least, four times every year at my house. For numerous reasons, but mostly because it depicts what its like to be a part of my family, and also because it makes every member feel slightly better about themselves. Until, of course, they realize that the character they love themselves is actual a direct reflection of their own personality. Chevy Chase stars in this witty, chaotic, and at times, heartfelt story about what really happens when the family comes to town; beautifully depicting the aftermath of a squirrel hiding in a Christmas tree.

A Christmas Story- You know you’ve seen it. Most likely more than once. You can see yourself picturing little Ralphie right now; thinking he actually did shoot his eye out, and you can almost taste the family turkey, before it gets consumed by the neighborhood dogs. To many, A Christmas Story has become a beacon for what the holidays are really about. If, of course, that means a provocative leg shaped lamp, and getting your mouth washed out with soap.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York- Woah, I know. It’s not a traditional holiday movie, but Macaulay Culkin does still manage to capture the holiday spirit while being chased through the streets of New York by Joe Pesci. Despite being relentlessly pursued by bumbling burglars, Kevin (Culkin) braves his way around New York solo; making a few new friends in the process. He then uses these newfound friendships to increase holiday spirit for those he meets, with a little help from a pair of turtle doves, and a pal in a toy store.


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Emily Moore is currently a senior at Johnson High School, where she is the Editor In Chief of the Opinion section of My Jag News. She enjoys making science puns, and correcting people's grammar. You can usually find her screaming at reporters/ photographers in the Journalism lab, or doodling aquatic animals onto other people's property. She is obsessed with the color red, green tea ice cream, 'The League,' and anything to do with Emma Watson or Harrison Ford. Her main goals in life are to write for the New York Times, spend a summer in a foreign country and to rid the world of all its nonsense.

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