by Molly Brodhacker | Staff Writer

Freshman Austin Brodhacker has been studying all night, and knows the science material front and back, but his nerves are still in a knot as he walks to biology. Austin has test anxiety, like many other students all over.

“I know all the information, but as soon as I get the test I kind of go blank,” says Brodhacker.

For many students the problem with tests and exams isn’t as much as it is knowing the curriculum, as it is keeping calm at test time. Student anticipate and stress so much over the fact that they are taking a test that they forget what the test is even over.

“It’s frustrating because I know what the test is about, I always forget when I get to class on the day of the test,” Brodhacker said.

Others don’t have this problem at all, in particular, many other students who have had their fair share of tests over the years.

“Taking a test doesn’t bother me at all, I take one every other day,” said Jose Estello, senior.

If test taking can be a lot less stressful if a student gets a full night of sleep, eat a full breakfast, wear comfortable clothes, and relaxing. Taking a test worth a big grade can certainly be nerve-racking, but when you think about the big picture of life, a silly assignment doesn’t seem so bad afterall.

“I think it’s silly when I freak about tests, but I still do anyways,” says Brodhacker with a chuckle.


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Senior Molly Brodhacker has an obsession with german shepherds and the beach. She is enjoying her first year on the staff, and second year living in the Lone Star state.

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