by Dacoda Clarke | staff photographer

Lifted trucks pepper the parking lot; drawing attention for all those who pass by. In addition to the trucks becoming quite a view, they have become quite a strain financially as well.



Junior, Carson Trainer says, “They [lifted trucks] are safe because if you get into a wreck, you’re higher up so not much damage will be done.”  However, these lifts can tend to get a little pricy. Carson says that,”the prices for a lift can be anywhere between $3,000-$10,000, and mine is between those two.”




Junior, Kendall Cox says,”It’s cool to be the only girl at school with a lifted truck.” She also agrees that lifted trucks are safe by saying, “I’m a lot higher up, so I can see everything around me.”




Junior, Jake Judkins says, “(Having a lifted truck) is all for show.” Also Jake comments that lifted trucks are safer because “When you hit someone you always win.”  His lift also gets to a high price of $10,000.







Junior, Reed Blanton says that “Having a lifted truck give you a higher perspective, and also is better because you won’t bottom-out when trotting on a ranch. Also it looks better.”


Senior, Juan Martinez says that his inspiration for lifting his truck is because, “[His truck] had always been stock, so I wanted to do something different with my truck. Juan states, “Doing more work on your truck gives it more power, it’ll go faster and it’s fun.”



Senior, Jimmy Colborn says, “I like having a lifted truck because it feels cooler being higher, and you see more; feel bigger.” Jimmy, along with a few others, has made some other changes such as, “chips and exhaust intake.”



Senior, Travis Haese, who does not have a lift, but bigger wheels, says, “Although I don’t have a lift, being up that high is an attention thing. Obviously more people will see a lifted truck coming, which gives you a good feeling.”

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