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Over the weekend of Febuary fourth and fifth, Johnson dance teams competed in Austin at the Half Time Entertainment dance competition with outstanding success.

Austin competition no match for Johnson dance.

The Texas Ladies Pep Squad came home with Pep Jazz and Military Winner, Overall Showmanship Award, Super Sweepstakes, and Pep Division Champions.

“As a team we did well, but I was really nervous. It was a little fun, but sometimes it was a little boring because we had to do all our costumes and hair. It was fun being around all the girls. We’re going to do very well in the other competitions as well because Mrs. Trevino has helped us be really sharp,” freshman Texas Lady member, Gabbi Botons said.

Belles Drill Team was awarded JV Jazz, Pom, and Military Champions, Officer Jazz Winner, Overall Entertainment, Super Sweepstakes, and JV Division Champs.

“We did really good. There was a tunnel before we went on to the gym floor to perform, and since were not allowed to look at other routines since it’s bad luck, we just turned our backs and acted silly to kind of get our nerves out. I was so nervous, I wanted to do so well. Our next competition, American- which is in Austin- is going to be very hard. Right now I’m nervous about it, but we still have another week to practice so I’m excited,” Belles member Jacqui Hodde said.

The Legacies Dance Team was placed as Overall Grand Champions, Large Varsity Champs, Super Sweepstakes, Overall Technique (officers and team), Overall Entertainment, Overall Choreography, Overall Showmanship (officers and team), Large Varsity and Kick Winner, Large Varsity Jazz Winner, Large Varsity Lyrical Winner Officer Lyrical Champions, and Select Jazz Champions.

Over the same weekend Kelsey Eidson, Morgan Leach, Libby Roach, and Michaela Campbell competed in the UIL Twirling Contest and earned excellent ratings. Johnson sent the highest number of twirlers in NEISD and all four solo routines received 1’s (highest score).

Future competitions will be held on Sat. Feb. 18th at McNeil HS and the following Sat. Feb. 25 at O’Conner HS.


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