Wrestling continues to be unstoppable for three years.

by Nicholas Casarez | Staff writer

The Johnson wrestling team has done almost the unthinkable: they have officially completed a three-peat of districts with their victory this past weekend. Johnson has been a dominating force over the course of the past three years and it has showed in their results. Its the first time in Johnson history that a team has won three straight district titles, and the boys and girls aren’t afraid to boast about it.

The Jags have established themselves as a powerhouse, and all of the other teams in the district know it. The team recognizes their success and work hard to maintain their edge over the competition.

“It’s been another good year, but we need to come back next year and be just as good or better,” said Johnny Vance.

With all of the continuous success that the team has been having, the expectation is high for next year and for years to come.

“There’s a big tradition of winning here, and we definitely don’t want to be the ones to end it,” said Jeremiah McCutcheon.

A big factor in the team’s success is head coach Lee Miller,  for he’s been the mastermind behind the whole thing.

“Its been an honor coaching these kids and I’m just happy were able to be successful again this year,” said Coach Miller.

Much like they have the past two seasons, the Jags plan to go into the offseason district champs, improve even further, and com out as a favorite to win districts next year.

“We feel really good about next year, we’re not going to disappoint,” Vance said.


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