Legacy officers, Victoria Hernandez, Caitlin Hill, and Kyrsten Johnson, get ready to wow the crowd with their officer lyrical.






Junior Victoria Vogler performs her stunning lyrical solo in preparation for competition.





Senior Legacy, Bethany Jobe fouettes her way through her lyrical solo.





Senior Major Kyrsten Johnson showcases her amazing solo.







Senior Colonel Caitlin Hill pirouettes her way through her last solo dance of her high school career.











Johnson Belles pose at the end of their Crayola Crayons themed military dance.





Our Texas Ladies preform their military, while decked out like aliens and space girls.




Belles dazzle the audience with their sweet-like-peppermint pom dance.





Johnson Texas Ladies, Belles, and Legacy Dance teams "Show Off" their amazing dances before they head off to competition.,









































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