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As the school year comes to a close and college being just over the horizon for seniors, those that will be attending an out of state university are making preparations for their geographic change.

“I will be attending college in Pennsylvania so the big difference is weather, it rains a lot and it’s really cold, so to prepare to live there I am going to buy warmer and rain proof clothes that you wouldn’t need here in Texas,” senior Michael Jopling said.

Weather differences aren’t the only things these seniors have to prepare for, the financial burdens can take a toll on students.

The crest of Gannon College; one of the many schools out of Texas that Jaguars will be attending.

“I plan on working in the summer and saving money for an apartment and food or things that I will need up at Gannon College in Eerie, Pennsylvania. My tuition is already paid and I plan on getting a job over there, working in the oil fields,” senior Tyler Griswold said.

Along with these preparations comes the social preparations for living and attending school out of state where one may not know very many people.

“I will be going to RCTC in Rochester, Minnesota to play football, and I think I will be able to make new friends up there because I’ll be on the football team, so I’m not really worried about that,” senior Max Cave said.

Seniors are also taking into account when they will be able to visit home, and realize that it will be different from school in Texas.

“The only times I will be able to visit is during the winter and summer because Pennsylvania is so far away and it’s expensive to travel back and forth, but I think it’ll take time to adapt and it’s definetley going to be different,” Jopling said.

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Darius Davila is a senior at Johnson high school, this is his second year as being a staff writer for The Pride and he plans to continue to be apart of the Pride for the rest of his high school career. Darius also enjoys creating musical fusion.

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