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With the first weeks of school here and the new influx of students, emotions were high for incoming freshman who had

PALs welcomes new students to campus duing Cub Camp.

never experienced high school before.

“I was really nervous about school the night before; I didn’t want to go, and my first day of high school at Johnson was not such a great experience, to be honest,” freshman Natalee Barajas said. “The hallways were really crowded, students were awkward and sucked way too much face in the hallway and I got lost like every class period. It was really embarrassing getting lost cause everyone else knew where they were going, except for me.”

Barajas feels that there is a significant difference between middle school and the vast size of high school.

“High school is different because of the huge crowd of people. It’s a very big school and the dress code we have here is better, even though my friends say it’s stupid and they hate it,” Barajas said.

The shift from attending middle school to high school can be overwhelming for students but many have found that despite the differences, high school is a more mature experience.

“You have a lot more freedom in high school and you get more lunch time to hang with friends and stuff. Plus, you get to use electronics and stuff sometimes, so that’s cool. It’s just a lot bigger and more exciting than middle school,” freshman Griffin Stubblefield said.


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Darius Davila is a senior at Johnson high school, this is his second year as being a staff writer for The Pride and he plans to continue to be apart of the Pride for the rest of his high school career. Darius also enjoys creating musical fusion.

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