Twitter:  When too much is just too much.

by Claire Carter | Staff Writer

Hashtags sum up the thought of a sassy tweet. Users of the addicting social network, follow the current trend by checking the sidebar for popular hashtags. This explains why we find that #NationalEmbarrassYourBestFriendDay has happened for the third time this month and #NationalBoyfriendDay has been started by a devoted girlfriend determined to flaunt her significant other to her many followers.

#FGP Fat Girl Problems. Really? I didn’t realize that a bag of Fritos could have such an effect on your self confidence. This overused hashtag sends teenage girls into post meal depression and followers into an annoyed state sometimes provoking the act of unfollowing, a risk I am not willing to take.

#ForeverAlone Keep using this hashtag and you will be forever alone. Here’s a thought, if you’re so upset with your state of being single, stop tweeting about it and do something. I’m not promoting that you throw yourself at the opposite sex, but if you want a partner in life, sitting around and complaining about it isn’t changing anything.

#BeyondBlessed While many praise someone from above they believe granted them with divine favor, most use this hashtag to flaunt their treasures upon eager followers, dying to hear what their parents have spoiled them with next. Not only does this hashtag annoy those without 300 ‘best friends I could ever ask for‘ but also fuels the hate fire burning within because the phrase is used completely out of context.

#SorryNotSorry We’ve all seen this hashtag follow a rude tweet that sent us into immediate “unfollow” mode. This phrase is typically associated with a passionate dis made by am overly confident teen girl.

#SoIKnowItsReal A trendy hashtag used by the male gender to proclaim their unrealistic expectations of a female. In other words, a one step process to being despised by the female population.


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About The Author

Claire Carter is the Editor-In-Chief of the Pride. This is her third year on the newspaper staff. She is involved in Johnson PALS, Jags for Jesus, Key Club, and Cross Country. She enjoys the musical stylings of Needtobreathe, Beyonce, and the soft yodels of Lexi Rosas' cat.

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  1. Grace


    Thank you for addressing the fact that some hashtags are overused, and getting to the point of ridiculousness. I completely agree with your view on the hashtag “BeyondBlessed”- while one might be blessed with costly items, one does not need to share this fact. I also support your statement on the ever popular “Sorry Not Sorry” hashtag, as we all know that first sorry isn’t intended.


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