by Raphael Nigaglioni | Staff Writer

The seasons aren’t the only things that have recently changed. The Johnson colorguard has also changed it’s name to ‘winterguard’.

“When colorguard becomes winterguard, it becomes our indoor season,” sophomore Kenzie Hewitt said.

Senior Brittany Cordell prepares to toss her rifle during winter guard practice.

The winterguard doesn’t have a busy schedule but they are preparing for something big.

“We’ve been putting together our show, Secrets Reflected, and honestly we don’t know what the show is completely about yet,” Hewitt said.

A clear schedule will help the winterguard to create a spectacular show.

“The song we are using is Secrets by One Republic. At first the show was supposed to be about being kind to each other, because everyone is fighting their own battle,” Hewitt said.

Sometimes, one idea can lead to bigger, better ideas.

“The show is changing; it’s kind of leaning towards people being connected with each other. We do a lot of partner work  where we mirror each other. Hopefully we will be done with it within two weeks,” Hewitt said.

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