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Breaking Bad, an award winning TV show on AMC, is now on its fifth and final season. This action packed drama has become a part of many Johnson students’ Sunday night rituals, and we are sure to see the backlash of the inevitable ending all too soon.

The final episode of Breaking Bad plays this Sunday on AMC at 8:00, after a full marathon on Saturday.

Many Breaking Bad fans have invested themselves emotionally and mentally.

”You know what? There’s going to be a little bit of crying,” junior Austin Cueva said, “ I think I’m going to start seeing a therapist.”

 But for some of these followers, therapy just won’t be enough.

“I’ll probably sit at home and stare blankly at the wall or the T.V. screen,” sophomore Max Barker said, “Nothing can replace Breaking Bad.”

While they hate to see the show end, fans hold high hopes for the fate of Walter White

Junior Peyton Gentry said, “I hope that it all works out in the end because he’s a good guy just doing the wrong thing for the right reason.”

Mosts fans are attached to Breaking Bad in a way that outsiders simply won’t be able to comprehend.

“I’m going to miss the main actor Bryan Cranston for a stellar acting job he did as Walter White. He was like a father to me,” Barker said.


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Amon Jackson aka 'Da Monster' is a Junior at Johnson. This is his first year as a staff writer for The Pride. He is obsessed with music, movies, and any TV drama with a twist. He has three older siblings, a cat, and a dog. They are all treated like royalty, but Amon is always the coolest person in the room.

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