Johnson’s Student Council makes the decorations for the “Alice in Wonderland”-themed homecoming dance.

Mahek Khetani|staff writer

Bombarded with the expectations of the society in which she lived, Alice Kingsleigh decided to solve her problems by indulging in the magical ways of Wonderland, and on October 12, students can do just the same….Without the creepy Tim Burton effects of course.

“Hopefully this will be the best dance at Johnson high school…if anything we’re spending more money this year on homecoming to make it a memorable dance for the kids, one that they enjoy for the first semester,” Student Council sponsor Jennifer Jones said.

After much consideration, the student council decided on the theme “Alice in Wonderland” and sponsor Mrs. Trevino announced that both gyms will be split to make one of them for students wanting to dance and the other for relaxing and socializing.

“Here at Johnson we’re going to have a dance area in the big gym and students will be able to walk to the small gym area and that will be the lounge area,” Trevino said. “We’re going to have a live feed projector so if you don’t want to participate in dancing you can be in the lounge area where we’ll have tables and you can see what’s going on the live feed. You can’t do that at Blossom.”

Finally! A place where the girls can rest their stiletto-sore feet while their dates request their favorite Ed Sheeran song. (Guys, just do it, she’ll love you forever) But if that’s not enough to persuade you to attend, there may or may not be free food…

“We’re gonna have a candy bar set out that goes with the theme. We’ll also have a cake that resembles the ballad and cookies that say ‘eat me’ and just a bunch of cool treats and stuff like that,” Trevino added.

The dance teacher and student council sponsor also explained with much enthusiasm that, unlike last year, this year’s homecoming is stressing the details of decorations to make it so students will feel like they’re entering Wonderland.

“We’re looking for like Victorian furniture… we wanna take ideas from Pinterest and make it a really true homecoming for y’all with details everywhere. Whether it’s the candy bar, decorations or the DJ we want to make it better for y’all to enjoy. We want it to be like when you’re walking in the gym you’re walking through a rabbit hole.. we wanna even make the restroom a deck of cards around the mirror. We want those type of details, not just the restroom at Johnson,” Trevino added.

Despite the amount of effort being put into this year’s homecoming, the idea of “Walk in Wonderland” being in the gym is looked at with much disdain.

“The gym is like crowded and like compact and everyone is right next to each other and it just doesn’t feel as special cause its in the gym. And then there’s the split between the people dancing and not dancing and it’s weird. Other schools who don’t have as much money as us have it somewhere fancy and nice and I know its not prom but they should have a little money to spend there, and bids are 20-30 dollars, so like you can give us somewhere better than our gym,” Senior Ashley McCutcheon said.

It seems as though students are either disappointed in this year’s location choice, or they have the ‘nothing matters except for the memories’ attitude.

“Everybody’s gonna be dancing and having a good time.. I’m excited to go either way. It really doesn’t matter where it is, it’s gonna be a good night,” freshman Dalton Shuffield said.

No matter the opinion on theme, location or who should dress as the mad hatter, students can expect the best homecoming dance Johnson has to offer.

“The biggest thing about homecoming is that our officers, myself and coach Jones are paying attention to detail and what would a student remember,” Trevino said.




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