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During the holiday season it’s easy to be swept up by the twinkling lights and festive music, but it is also a time where

Toys for tots

Toys for tots donation boxes, like this one, accept toys to give to children who wouldn’t normally receive toys during the holidays.

volunteer work is much appreciated.

“It’s really important,” senior Eva Iwrine said, “because it helps your community out a lot and you’re helping people that don’t have a chance to do what you get to do.”

Volunteer opportunities are abundant and many of them can be found within the high school walls.

“I might volunteer for a little organization that makes little sandwiches and give to the homeless on Thanksgiving, and maybe do Elf Louise, which is packing presents for kids that don’t have a Christmas,” Irwine said.

A couple of organizations, like NHS, are assisting in Elf Louise.

Toys for Tots donation boxes will be posted throughout the school until December 6. The toys will then be delivered to children who, without this foundation, may not receive gifts this holiday season.Food drives can also be found around Johnson, here students can donate canned goods and other nonperishables.

At certain malls there will be gift wrapping centers, here anyone who knows how to wrap a present can volunteer. This is a very flexible form of volunteer work, the hours, of course, are during the mall’s business hours and the time shifts can be chosen.

Soup kitchens are always open and in need of volunteers, especially during the holidays. Passing out food to the homeless and need is a wonderful way to spread happiness and smiles.

Spreading cheer isn’t strictly applicable to humans. Animal shelters and humane societies are also looking for volunteers and donations.

Participating in volunteer work not only spreads happiness to others but also to the one volunteering.

“It makes me feel, personally, like I just want to do more volunteer work,” Irwine said, “and I feel really happy that I could help someone in some way.”

Volunteering is a great way to keep life in perspective and make others smile during this busy holiday season.

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