by Gloria Cueva| Staff Writer

When semester exam time comes around it seems like the studying gets even more intense. You need to make this perfect grade. It can make your or break you. So how you prepare for exams is important.

“I’m just doing my homework, and paying close attention in class, so I don’t miss anything,” said junior Breann Largent.

Some students feel the need to prepare while some just don’t think it’s that important.

“I usually do prepare for exams, but sometimes I don’t feel the need to study for subjects that I feel like I fully grasp,” said Largent.

But unlike Largent Junior Katia Saucedo does not studying whatsoever.

“I never really prepare for any test. Let alone exams,” said Saucedo. “I may go over information, but that’s about it.”

Pressure of exams usually get students because they count for so much of your final grade, but for Saucedo it’s different.

“It’s not that I don’t care about my grades, because trust me I do, but I think by the time of the exam if you don’t know the stuff you’re just not going to know it,” Saucedo said.

Largent is the opposite of Saucedo.

“Sometimes the pressure gets to me, but I push through it,” said Largent. “I mean I kind of have no choice, especially because I can’t exempt,” Largenet said.

Katia saucedo may hate exams, but she likes it better here than her old school.

“I just moved here from California, and we had exams, but weren’t allowed to exempt anything,” saucedo said.

Saucedo seems grateful for that.

“If I have to prepare for exams. I’m okay with that, because at the very least at least I can exempt English.” Saucedo said. “And I’m so happy about that, because I cannot stand English,” said saucedo.

Largent made it clear about what she thinks of studying and exams.

“I think exams are really dumb. I know that it’s to see how much we’ve absorbed,” said Largent. “But we already constantly have to study and prepare for test at least twice a week throughout the year, so why make it even more stressful with a final exam?”

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This is Gloria Cueva’s first year in Newspaper. She is currently in her junior year of high school. She enjoys English and hates math. Her dream is to go to the University of Columbia to pursue a career in Journalism. In addition to newspaper, Gloria participates in Track. Gloria’s obsessions include Blink 182, Betsey Johnson, Angels & Airwaves, and the oh so very attractive Tom DeLonge.

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