by Alyssa Pena | staff writer

Each new school year brings in new worries for many students. How hard will my classes be? Will I have lunch with my friends? Will my teachers be strict on homework? But students in Sandra Guenther’s United States History class are able to breathe a sigh of relief, especially those who have had her before.

“She brings light and a happy attitude every morning, and having a teacher you’ve had before is really relaxing and refreshing,” junior Sierra Vaughn said.

Before applying to Johnson, Guenther had previously taught U.S. History to eighth graders at Tejeda Middle School. Guenther then left the Timberwolves to pursue an opportunity to teach closer to home. However, when the possibility to be reunited with her old students arose, she took a chance and got hired.

“Yes, I still drive an hour, but the destination is so great. It’s worth the drive,” Guenther said.

And even though it’s quite the journey, her presence back in the area is still very much appreciated, according to both her new and old students.

“I had Mrs. Guenther in eighth grade so it’s kind of a weird experience, but she’s just as cheerful even on Monday mornings. She seems to respect the difference in age a lot,” junior Jordan Herrera said.

While the students may seem the same, the high school lifestyle proves to be on a completely different spectrum of normality, and adjusting to this change has been quite an experience for Guenther, who seems to be apprehensive about certain student liberties such as having water bottles in the classroom.

“I think it’s the independence of the students. Students tend to be a little bit, well we hope, mature, but I see independence. There are things that go on here that would never happen in middle school,” Guenther said.

Although the rigor of the course is heavy, Guenther is constantly reminded of why she does what she does.

“I don’t teach U.S. History. I teach kids,” Guenther said. “Kids are kids and they are here to learn. That’s the beauty of it.”


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Alyssa Pena is a senior at Johnson High School and a first time writer for MyJagNews. Alyssa has been in orchestra for 4 years and is currently the student president of the organization. #Bosstakovich She is also involved in Model United Nations where she is the Sargent at Arms, and multiple honor societies. In her scarce amount of free time, Alyssa spends a majority of her time on YouTube watching videos of nerds playing video games for a living and ridiculous pop culture memes. She also enjoys reading, writing, and fangirling over celebrities who don't know she exists. She has 6 cats, most named after fictional characters, and one dog named after a Beatles song. She's extremely excited to be writing for MyJagNews, and hopes her fellow writers are prepared for her obsessions with Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Haywood #imstillintheair, as well as the revolutionary musical "Hamilton".

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