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‘Spectre’ is directed by Sam Mendes, who also helmed the last installment of this franchise, while Daniel Craig continues his run by playing thefamous James Bond. I had a good time with ‘Spectre’, and I think it is definitely worth a watch.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig is once again great as Bond, and he had some very good chemistry with Lea Seydoux who plays the woman who goes along for the ride. Christoph Waltz is the villain this time around, and I thought he did a fantastic job. He came across menacing and a little bit crazy at the same time. I also really liked Dave Bautista as the big henchman that tries to kill Bond. He sets up some very good scenes throughout the movie, including a fight that takes place on a train. The action is shot perfectly in some beautiful settings which adds to the look of the film. This is important for a James Bond movie to get right, and ‘Spectre’ certainly does.


The plot on the other hand was pretty weak, as I didn’t really care about the “bad guy’s” master plan. It was kind of just there as a reason to set up the action sequences and keep the film moving. I thought the finale was great however. It was thrilling and fun to watch.

While ‘Spectre’ may not be as good as previous Daniel Craig Bond movies such as ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Skyfall’, it is still a solid entry in the series. I think many fans of James Bond will enjoy it, as well as be entertained.

 My Rating: B


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