April 9 is a date that remains highlighted, circled, and ultimately unavoidable on almost every teenager’s calendar this year – with the Johnson prom, Reagan prom, and the ACT all set for that fateful Saturday.

“I’m going to take the ACT on April 9. I probably will miss prom because I’ll be busy studying to make sure [of] what I’m supposed to be doing for the test,” junior Lillian Bautista said. “That does determine what college I’m going to get into. So it’s very important for me to prioritize it.”

In addition to the ACT testing happening in the morning, there are also several events that are taking place in the evening that students may chose to attend. For example, junior Hannah Thompson will be attending the Reagan prom.

“Honestly, I’m really scared. I don’t know anyone but my date, so that’s going to be interesting,” Thompson said. “I’m just going to meet a bunch of people and try to have fun.”

Ben didn’t want to decide to go to one prom but to go to both Reagan and Johnson prom with his date.

“I don’t know how it’s going to work out for April 9. I know I’m going to suffer. I’m going with my Reagan group from my house to the melting pot, and the limo to the Reagan prom. Then I’m going to take an Uber with my date to the Johnson prom,” senior Ben Neer said.

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