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You don’t need to spend tons of money to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day. Moms will most likely appreciate any gift you put thought into, so these are a few crafts that won’t take a lot of time or money.

1. Mason Jar Flower Pot

Any mom would be thankful if they were given flowers, but you can make this gift a lot more special and sentimental for her with just a mason jar, paint, a photo of you and your mom together, and flowers. Of course if she’s allergic or you just want them to last, you can buy fake flowers.

2. “Reasons Why I Love You” Book

I’m sure your mom doesn’t hear about how great she is everyday, so although 5 year old’s could probably do this with their eyes closed, it’s still a thoughtful gift that any mother can appreciate. You can make this straight to the point, or you can make it as long as you want it to be. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

3. Box of Chocolates

Sure you could give your mom a regular box of chocolates, but why do that when you can decorate your own box that she could probably use for something else later on. After you decorate the box, just fill it with her favorite chocolates, or just any of her preferred treats.

4. Photo Monogram Letter

Instead of using a regular square picture frame, you can find a cheap wooden letter at a craft store and glue a collage of pictures onto the letter. This can be hung on the wall or it can be placed on a table for decoration.

5. Fabric Covered Journal

A personalized journal is a great idea for moms who love scrapbooking or even cooking. You can make this into a recipe book she’ll like so much that she cooks more often just so that she can look at it.

6. Coaster Set

The supplies needed for this craft are very inexpensive and it’s a good way for your mom to add a bit of her own personality to the house.

7. Photo Key Chain

This super simple DIY only requires a key chain, a photo, and if wanted, a few small stickers. This way every time your mom uses her keys, she’ll be reminded of how great her child is.

8. Marbled Mugs

If your mom is one of those people that absolutely has to have their coffee in the morning, then this gift would be perfect for her. All it requires is white mugs and nail polish of her favorite color.

9. Rose Milk Bath Bomb

Mom’s have it rough, and they don’t get pampered enough, so you can make her an “at home spa” kit and include homemade bath bombs she’s sure to love.

10. Polaroid Magnets

Most people have some type of magnets to hold up important reminders on their fridge, so why not use magnets that have sentimental value. You can use family photos or even just patterns your mom likes. Either way it’s definitely an easy project worth doing.

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