Johnson High school is joining the Got Hope group to support cancer patients

by Lauryn Hughes | staff writer

The campus will have their chapter of a  new group called Got Hope. This group helps support children cancer patients by decorating rooms and bringing hope to the hospitals. Vice principal Felecia Joiner is working with the students who will make this a reality on the campus.

“Their mission is to help ease what is going on with the children that have cancer that are in the hospital. So they not only decorate the rooms they they go over and do musical sessions with them they play games and stuff with them,” Joiner said.

While they do a lot with the children, participants must be aware of some of the restrictions, like compromised immune systems.

“You can only have so many people in the area with them cause you know their immune systems are suppressed. They don’t have a lot of kid to kid contact, because there sickly so they try to go over and give them some socialization time,” Joiner said.

The Johnson staff and teachers has been the first informed so far.

“They try to get the information out to other schools other kids and other teachers and try to build on not just being a Johnson thing, but kind of like a cluster thing,” Joiner said.

Their main goal is to involve students to give the hospital patients the kid to kid contact that they don’t get everyday.

“They are actively recruiting right now. I know that they are looking for the teacher sponsors so that they can grow the program to the kids so as soon as they get their teacher sponsors in place then they’ll be reaching out to the community, try to get some kids to join because they need the students to help out so it can be kid on kid not adult on kid,” Joiner said.

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Lauryn Hughes is a senior. This is her third year as a staff member for the Johnson newspaper and her first year as the arts editor. She loves to write and has been a ballet dancer for 14 years.

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