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As time moves on, so does the development of memes and they seem to keep getting more complex. What started out as relatable images with a line of text, has turned into contextual inside jokes. However, that’s what’s made current memes as funny as they are.

2017 had some legendary memes, but can it do this?

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The Chair Meme

January kicked off the year with this beautiful meme featuring popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. It originated from Kjellberg advertising his chair merch, joking that it’s only $399 and can lean all way back. He said the famous line:

“but can you do this?”

and his fans took it from there to create dozens of memes with the phrase.

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Burger King Foot Lettuce Meme

What’s the last thing you’d want to find in your Burger King burger? Definitely someone else’s foot fungus. A video titled “Top 15 Mysteries Solved by 4Chan” was released in November 2017, but became popular only in February because of one particular clip. This became a famous meme because of the way the Youtuber spoke during the video, which included mispronounced words and a monotone voice.

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Bob Ross painting his newest beautiful piece of art.

Mark Zucc Meme

This meme has been around for a while, however, it recently regained popularity due to the Facebook scandal. People joke that the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is either a robot or a reptile because of his obviously awkward speech and questionable movements. He has even slipped up a few times by saying “when I was human” which created some pretty good memes.

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Fortnite Meme

Not everyone is a fan of the new game Fortnite which has seemingly taken over Twitch streaming and Youtube gaming. However, it does create some pretty funny memes for gamers, whether you play the battle royal or not. Most commonly, Fortnite is compared to PUBG in these memes.

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Yodeling Kid Meme

This here is a meme that quickly died (thank god), but was influential nonetheless. A kid by the name of Lil Hank published a video of him singing in Walmart, more specifically yodeling, and it spread like wildfire across the internet. It became so popular that Lil Hank was able to attend Coachella to perform for his new fans.

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Kanye West Meme

For awhile, Kanye West seemed to have disappeared from the public’s eye, until he began posting some very questionable tweets. The tweets are bewildering, however they are odd as well, especially the ones which involve Donald Trump.

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