by Eric Martinez | staff writer

We all know that time of year. When it gets cold, the lights go up, and the sales begin. Then you realize ‘Oh no, I forgot a gift for what’s-his-face!’ Luckily there are many places that are cheap and easy to navigate.



HomeGoods has a large variety of products in its doors. These range from recipe books to desk decor that anyone could enjoy.

Most of the smaller items in HomeGoods don’t exceed $12, putting these products in the price range of any broke teenager.


Target is arguably a budget shopper’s best friend; they put all the cheap stuff right out in the front. The prices rarely exceed $5. Items like phone battery packs and phone cases cost no more than $6. Some items like socks and planners cost only $3.


Dollar Tree

Dollar tree truly shows how much you care about people. The gifts, despite the store’s name, cost between $1 to $3. These include rows and rows of candy, snakes, and small games.


Big Lots

 There are always fake plants to excellent coffee on the shelves of Big Lots. Just like Dollar Tree, Big Lots also has rows and rows of cheap candy and snacks.






So, when you forget about someone this year, there are alway places for cheap last minute shopping. Besides, Amazon is always a safe choice if you’re totally out of ideas.

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Eric Martinez is a member of the swim team, a staff writer, and a member of chemistry club. Eric likes to play videogames, draw, read, and work out. His future dreams include working in the medical field and becoming a professional journalist.

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