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Six of the campus choirs performed at UIL this past weekend at Alamo Heights High School and earned sweepstakes trophy which means they earned a superior rating in concert and superior rating in sight-reading.

“We practiced every day and after school, it required a lot of time, but I am glad it paid off”, senior Chase Garza said.

Winning a sweepstakes trophy is the highest earned award you can receive in choir UIL.

You’re not competing with each other – you’re competing to get the best score. So basically it’s like we all got A’s”, Garza said.

When a group or an individual goes to perform the process is rather fast and is solely focused on that individual or group.

“There is panel of three judges and that is who you perform in front off,” Garza said.

A part of an individual or group’s score is the ability to sing music at first sight, otherwise called sight-reading.

“So when you go and perform the music you have prepared;  another part of that is being given music we have never seen before and performing it,” Garza said.

The overall process takes a whole day, and lots of hours of practice leading up to it.

“I’m glad to have finished it and placed so well, it was a lot of practice and I’m glad it’s over,” Garza said.

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