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Flex Classes are starting, and students will be given information regarding flex classes. 

“We’re going to share all the flex information with our students in extended second period on Sept. the 10 and our first official flex day, which will be the same bell schedule as Sept. 10, will be-we will report to our flexes on Sept. the 11,” Assistant Principal Sean Reno said.

Flex Periods will be 35 minutes long on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and will take place between 10:40 and 11:15 a.m. Flex Classes are intended to help students who may be struggling in specific classes, or make up work which they may be missing. 

“Well, flex has a number of different areas here, the first is that the majority of students will be in a general study hall, where it gives them time, obviously, to get homework, get assignments, missed tests, missed quizzes, opportunities to get schoolwork done, and we also have a number of our students who benefit from assistance in a specific area,” Reno said.

In Flex Classes, students can receive assistance with assignments in their normal classes, as well as areas such as state testing and unorthodox classes.

“Whether that becomes pre-SAT, whether that becomes an EOC area, a class they may need some help in, so we have some students who take a class that may not exist in regular curriculum- that may be offered through flex,” Reno said.

During Flex time, teachers will usually be found helping students, whether they be their own students, or students that they do not have during regular classes.

“Teachers obviously have a varied role depending on the flex they’re assigned, but we have a number of flex assignments where teachers are potentially teaching classes, they have students, again, that they may not have in class that they may be working with under a specific subject area,” Reno said.

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